Saturday, May 14, 2011

reaching out .

The internet is weird. I may not be the most social person in person, but perhaps the luxury of being able to communicate behind a computer screen has spoiled those who care not to interact in person, and allowed those for which it is difficult to function in an easier way. Though it is quite obvious that communication is a two-way street.

Question: How are you supposed to break the "internet ice" without coming off as creepy / a stalker / dangerous / etc?? It is a question that is in my mind yet to be answered, because I simply have no idea. Fun fact: I tend to be the one to at least try to minimally communicate. I am okay with taking some sort of leap and putting the option out there. At that point, the ball is in their half of the court.

I've sent things (and by "things" I mean comments, mentions, messages etc) to people on youtube, twitter, blogspot, etc. People I don't know, I mean. In some ways I feel like, what's the big deal? We're all on here all the time anyway; one or two side conversations shouldn't hurt. Although unfortunately I feel as though we are all forewarned of the bad things that do happen on the internet, and are generally pretty wary and cautious about communicating with the unknowns out there.

I very much enjoy browsing through the blogs on here, and just skipping from one to the next, seeing if something interests me. I wonder sometimes if there are people that are from other places that read my blog and really actually get into it... It'd be interesting to know what those people thought. When I first started I encouraged people to comment, or even just email me with comments if they didn't want it to be public. That never happened, ever, so I decided it would be best to just let it go. Maybe part of the fun about it is that you get to read and just sort of enjoy it to yourself and pick out whatever it means to you without ever really knowing the true intent.

Well, I have indeed tried in more than one instance to respond/reply/comment or what have you when I felt a strong urge to -- I never intended to be creepy in any way, but perhaps it's just easier to ignore it. It's easier to put out the people who might potentially carry some sort of risk.

And yet at the same time, if we ignored everyone that we didn't know, how would we ever meet new people? Would we simply be forced to through a job? Or would it just sort of randomly happen? Who knows. I don't think anyone is so closed off that they refuse to respond to things. After all, people fight over the internet all the time, especially in the comments sections on youtube. Perhaps it is not so far-fetched that two people could meet that way and not fight.

Regardless, I'm not sure I'll continue attempts to reach out and help or whatever the reason may be. It would probably be easier for everyone if you just ignored it all and lived life in your bubble, right? I can be content with that.

On a side note, I've decided not to do lyrics of the day posts anymore. It was getting to the point where I would randomly choose something. If something really hits me one day, I'll put it there, but attempting to make it a daily occurrence was turning out to be overkill, too much. Just thought I'd let you know.

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