Wednesday, May 4, 2011

easter sunday .

Okay, well I was going to talk about Easter Sunday on the day for Sunday, but I guess I got so wrapped up in catching up on blogs that I forgot about it, and we can't move Music Monday, now can we? So here I am talking about Easter Sunday.

This is the first Easter I have celebrated on campus, or at least in Clemson. I guess St. Andrews technically doesn't count as on campus, but oh well, close enough. Last year, I went to a friend's house for Easter, and attended a Presbyterian service, because that's the denomination he is. It was different, but it was a service nonetheless.

The avid churchgoers often sort of joke about the C&E's, and many of the avid churchgoers sort of know this code-name, so to speak, for the people who only attend mass on Christmas and Easter. It's an unfortunate case and to be honest we shouldn't judge so quickly, because Lord knows we are certainly not perfect. However I guess in my mind I just wish people would make more of an effort to work on their faith. After all, we are in the Bible Belt.

That being said, St. Andrews was absolutely FLOODED on Easter Sunday. I'm pretty sure all the Catholics came crawling out of the woodwork for Easter Sunday mass. Me, personally, I prefer the Easter Vigil, which is held on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. It's usually very long and tedious, but the pluses include food afterward (generally different types of bread and cake and such) andddd you get to sleep in on Sunday as well, and who doesn't like sleep? Unfortunately this wasn't really an option for me, given that

At home, my church isn't ever crowded. Perhaps it is just the size, but I think there aren't many people that go either. And the people that do go, well, they don't really sing. I try to, but one voice in the crowd, if you can call it that, doesn't make much of a difference. Down here was such a culture shock, to see the church regularly filled, to the point of overflowing, where everyone sings and proudly says the prayers and such. It was heartwarming, in a way.

Being that this was the first Easter in Clemson, it made me think back to the way I used to celebrate at home. When I was really young, my family would go to the Sunday morning mass. Usually something later, because the majority of the family are not early risers. We'd come home and of course look for eggs, with Easter baskets filled with a chocolate bunny and candy and goodies sitting at our spots at the table. My mom was always really on top of the holiday thing -- there was and is always something ready for us, and that continues even when I'm away at school, I can almost count on the care packages coming in the day of the holiday, or within 1 or 2 days before or after. She probably doesn't know it since I don't show it much, but I do appreciate it.

When we grew older we started going to the Easter Vigil mass. Sunday morning was always a bit more laid back as we grew out of the Easter Bunny legend, and it just turned into a nice breakfast together and just spending the day as a family. Those days are clearly over, as my sister no longer lives at home and I am away at school. I do miss seeing my brother though.

It's just plain different, being at school. But the traditions are remembered and celebrated at heart, and someday, I'll be able to make my own traditions for Easter and other holidays.

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