Tuesday, March 22, 2011

accents .

They're all over, and almost define the people that come from that area. One of the great things is that it's almost something that you always carry with you that you can't get rid of. After going places on vacation and even spending time in NYC where you get tons of international people and all of their accents are pretty noticeable.

Ever wanted a different accent? Gosh I wish sometimes I could just change from the one I have to something else. British is a personal favorite, along with Irish and Australian, and German. It's just neat. Although to some extent, I feel like no matter what you have, you'll always sort of want something different. It's only natural to not be satisfied.

Though I have to say, I feel like the American accent is not very flattering. Even the different regions really don't have great sounds. Think about it -- New York / Staten Island is seen by many as the most obnoxious accent in the country. Personally, I love it, but I'm biased since I live up here. Midwest has some weird quirks, like the way they pronounce words like Chicago, with is actually "chi-caw-go" to them. Then you got the New England accent where you pahk ya cahr in the garahhge. The southern accent is sorta seen as a sign of unintelligence (sorry, but the stereotype is there) and can sometimes sound real trashy. Not really as sure about the stuff out west, but you get the idea.

But then you have these fantastical European accents that sound sophisticated, interesting, and so different. It's just need. There's a reason why so many people want to imitate them, and try to imitate them...

I just wish I could try out a few for a few days.

Lyric of the Day:
"what do you say? will you devote yourself today? the moon will gush all inside out, and your nightmares will go away"

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