Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music Monday #8

So anyone who's been around the apartment within the last week or so could tell you that I've renewed my obsession with Paramore. For a long time a year or so back it was all I would listen to, and the combination of musical styles they've become today is mind blowing. Hayley Williams is truly an inspiration to me, and assuming she writes the lyrics, speaks straight to the heart. I can identify with a great number of their songs, and the buildups and vocal strength that she has gives me chills when I listen.

Check it out:

2:45 is by far my favorite part -- wow, her range is just ridiculous. A little background about Paramore and my life -- I actually sorta found out about them through Flyleaf, a Christian band fronted by the great Lacey Mosley. I was inspired by her words as well, and her daring to not be afraid to belt it out and even scream sometimes. And Paramore is really similar in that respect. Hayley is not afraid to do her, and not afraid to give it her all no matter what.

And the kicker? They even sound great live. Definitely on my list to see someday.

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