Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lazy days .

Every once in awhile, people need a break. A break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and a break from everything that's outside. Today provided that opportunity in full force. I woke up to the sky raining, after having snowed for the morning. Josh found this absolutely unbelievable, given that it's March and almost April, when most weather in South Carolina is at the very least, in the 50's. It was neat to at least see a little dusting of snow on the ground -- definitely made me feel like I was at home.

New York was great yesterday, but I truly got incredibly worn out. I also think I picked up some sort of sickness -- whether mild or extreme. Either way, I'm definitely feeling under the weather; my head is throbbing, and it's so congested, my nose is clogged, and I'm getting chills... I dunno. It ain't fun.

However, being able to sleep late today hopefully made a difference, and it's not even late right now and I'm totally looking forward to diving into bed and hitting the lights. It's crazy that it's Wednesday already, and Spring Break is basically halfway over. It's actually been feeling pretty long for the first few days, which has been nice. But I have a feeling the second half is going to fly by. I just hope I'm not sick for all of it.

Well, quick recap of today's funtivities:
- all 3 Jason Bourne movies
- working on my portfolio that's due Friday (that I should have been working on since like a month ago)
- playing Star Wars Battlefront II on playstation 2

Successful day? I think so. Hopin' it stops raining tomorrow.

Lyric of the day:
"I romanticize every single thing I do, especially when it comes to you"

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