Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 100 .

It's the 100th day of blogging. I'm gonna be honest, I never thought that I'd be a guy to blog it up all the time. And yet, here I am, still going every day. Sure, I miss some days here and there -- but in the end, I always make sure to make it up in the end. I really think it's going to be incredible to look back one day and see all of the things I went through, experiences, events, trips, life changes. Even just my thoughts will be interesting to see on various issues.

And so here I am, on the 100th day, having started 2 blogs, started to follow some other blogs, and taking more pictures and writing more than I ever have in my life (or typing, if you want to be politically correct).

When I was younger, and we used to take trips with the family, all the way back when we actually took family vacations, I used to carry a journal with me. Although with my young age I didn't really understand the concept of only writing what was important. Let's put it this way: I can tell you what I ate for breakfast lunch and dinner the fourth day of a 2 week long vacation we took 6 years ago. I was very detailed .. although when it came to the actual meat of what we did, I seem to have fell short.

The difference now is not only that I am much older -- but also that I have lived. Experiences change a person, and I wonder if over time I'll be able to see a change in my writing. Maybe it will be very gradual, and I won't be able to sense it over that period. But either way, I'm sure I will change. The other thing is that this is more reflective -- pick a topic, or think of something that hit you today, and write about it. Let the thoughts flow, and if it turns into a writing of stream-of-consciousness, then so be it. That's acceptable.

The most important things to me when I made this were that I made it my own, and that I write whatever I want. I like knowing that other people are out there reading, for sure, and I like knowing that maybe I touched a person one day with what I wrote. I'll never really know for sure, but I can at least hope!

So I'm really excited about this, and I'm going to continue to write, and often too. And one day, I'll look back on it all and have a complete chronicle of my life through writings. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.

Lyric of the day:
"Think back then, We was like one and the same, On the right track, But I was on the wrong train, Just like that"

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