Saturday, March 19, 2011

time lapse .

So originally my flight to go home was set up for Saturday evening, in the off chance that I would end up with a ton of studio work to do that required modeling and me being there at school in order to do it. Instead, I basically just ended up getting screwed without a ride to the airport. It didn't occur to me that most people would be gone on Friday and not even be around Saturday. Obviously it makes sense now...

So after that, I was going to just go home with Josh and hop on the plane in Charlotte and skip the first leg of my flight. But the airline said that if I did that that they would cancel the entire flight if I didn't show up for the first one. So luckily, I got a ride to GSP at 3am this morning. The place was basically empty when I got here. As of right now, I've been here for 12.5 hours. Crazy. I can't believe I've been sitting that long.

The first time I fell asleep in a chair, there was no one there when I fell asleep, and then all of a sudden there were a ton of people when I woke up. And the day sorta continued like that -- I would do something and not really pay attention and people would come in waves.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that there aren't many flights in or out of GSP, simply because it's a really small airport with not a very large amount of destinations. And these people would just show up in waves before their flight, and then leave. All the time, I was still there, having arrived before, and still messing around when they got on their plane. Being stuck in an airport is frustrating, but hey, at least I have free wireless. GIANT plus right there.

The thing that first came to mind about this experience was that it was like I was stuck in a time lapse. I've seen it in music videos before, where the main person moves a normal speed or even slow motion... .but then the rest of everything and everyone else is moving at lightning speed. I suddenly got the vision of a still of me sitting in that one chair, and all these other people flying around me, (no pun intended) doing their busy thing, getting coffee, reading, typing, sleeping... there's not much to do in GSP and you can't even really walk around. If they didn't have internet I'm not sure what I'd do.

So that's really all. In an hour or so I'll probably be getting on the plane, but this idea of a time lapse was pretty cool. Safe travels. There will be pictures from the air, if I get a chance and don't fall asleep first.

Lyric of the day:
"my heart is yours, it's you that I hold on to"

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