Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music Monday #9

This week I have a new personal favorite that I just recently discovered -- The Frames. Headed up by Glen Hansard (a favorite artist of mine, and the main character in the movie "Once") The Frames is one of the bands that Glen has participated in, in addition to Swell Season and others. The Frames is made up of a bunch of Irish guys, and I remember hearing about them a long time ago, but I guess at some point along the line I forgot who they were. So, now it's been reborn.

This was the original song that I heard. I instantly did a little bit of homework to figure out what it was. Well, turns out this is the only instrumental one. But after downloading the discography, I'm definitely enjoying the music. Glen's got a fantastic voice, and if you've never heard him before... definitely give these guys a listen. Another great one is Say it to me now, which is featured in the movie Once (also a great way to spend an afternoon, if I do say so myself). He's got a really soothing voice, and I've spent many a night wallowing in the sweet tones and amazing lyrics.

I've even covered a few songs, though I am reluctant to put them up here for the time being... perhaps someday. Anyways, enjoy the music, and if you feel so inclined, check out some other stuff by him!

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