Sunday, March 20, 2011

a busy beginning .

Well, day 1 of spring break 2011 is complete. And boy, in the last 48 hours, and ton has happened. This time Friday, I was sitting doing German homework, trying to get it all done so I wouldn't have to do it over the break (fun fact, I got it all done). After leaving at 3am to get to the airport, well, it was a very long day.

Once I finally got to Charlotte airport, I met up with Josh and we got to just hang out in the airport for a bit before our flight, since it was delayed an hour. Eventually it was delayed another 45 min or so, but in Charlotte, I was pretty much okay with that. The airport is so nice, and I have to say the atrium and central concourse lobby is just really nice. Floor to ceiling windows, a sweeping staircase level, and rocking chairs lining the wall. To boot, there was a woman playing piano the whole time, and the place has great acoustics. I was exhausted, but I was pretty content.

This is probably the craziest thing that happened... so Josh and I were walking to gate C16, finally moseying down to catch our flight, we're walking down the hallway and we see a girl talking on the phone sitting down again the wall. Well, we both do a double take, and then look at each other, not really sure if it's who we're both thinking of. So I just blurt out "Justine !" and well, sure enough it's Justine Ezarik [click if you don't know who I'm talking about]. So she waves and goes "hi" and I, being the awkward fool that I am, say, "That was weird. I'm sorry.." and she brushes it off like it's nothing, but I quickly walked away with Josh before my face turned beet red. Well we're sitting then in the gate, and can't believe what just happened, it went so fast and it was so surreal just because after watching someone on youtube for so long and then seeing them in person, well it's just sort of a shock. And I'm beating myself up, saying that I should've at least asked for a picture.

So our flight is going to start boarding soon, when lo and behold, we see Justine walk to the gate across from us and sit down. So we decide okay, let's do this and walk over and actually had a conversation, introduced ourselves, got a picture of each of us with her, and just chatted a bit. Definitely made my night, even though that probably sounds lame and like I'm totally obsessed with this girl... it was just really cool. Don't hate [and look for the pic on the picture-a-day blog]. It kinda also blew my mind, with the number of things that had to go right (or, wrong in this case) in order for us to be in the same place at the same time. We were both connecting in Charlotte, and her flight was so late coming in that she missed the connecting one. We were delayed almost 2 hours taking off; it kept getting pushed back later and later. We also sat around in the atrium before going to our gate, which was a contributing factor. I don't know. I'm probably making a huge deal out of something that's pretty trivial, but I still think it's crazy I met her.

Today, Josh and I went out with my family to a classic Jersey diner. They're kinda all over the place, and it was a nice way to start the morning. Soon as we got back, Josh and I jumped in the car and headed out to look at all the different parts of Colts Neck, and basically ended up looking at all the exorbitantly large houses that are scattered everywhere.

Then we drove down to Seaside and walked around the boardwalk and by the house that the cast of Jersey Shore stayed in during the first and current seasons. It's weird to see Seaside Heights after all the stuff that you see on TV. It was surprising how small the house actually is compared to how it looks on tv. Also, the boardwalk was just neat to walk down and see all the stuff that is there. Obviously, it was pretty empty given that it was kinda sorta 50 degrees outside. Summer definitely doesn't start until later in the year for us up here.

We bipbopped on back to the mall for a bit, and then looked for a good frisbee, and finished up the night with a home-cooked meal: one of the best things about coming home. We're both exhausted... but it's definitely quite an eventful 2 days, and I don't think things could've possibly turned out better thus far. Josh is takin' tons of pictures, so maybe at some point we can make a photo montage of all we've seen and done... but we'll see.

Lyric of the day:
"but it's worth what I'm learning, cause down in these depths I can see, our history unfurling"

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