Saturday, March 26, 2011

last day at home .

Well friends, it's here. The last night spent at home in Jersey. Today started off real slow, but let's be real -- no one is ever going to complain about sleeping in. It's weird, knowing that break is already almost over. The first few days were slow, which was great! And yet here we are, with those last few days flying by already. It's weird how it always seems to be that way, how once you get past the halfway point everything suddenly jumps to hyperdrive and before you know it, the moment has passed. It's nice knowing that there's really only a month or so left of school once we get back to Clemson, but I have to say, I'm certainly not motivated to get through that right now. My mind has drifted elsewhere in the past few days, ready for a time when I need not worry about that next assignment I have to do for studio.

Luckily, the weather cooperated today and I was able to go up to Atlantic Highlands for a bit with Josh, and we briefly visited the beaches of Sandy Hook. For those of you who don't know, you can see the entire NYC skyline from the edge of Sandy Hook, and it brings about that unbelievable reminder that NYC is only a hop skip and a jump away. It always seems ridiculous that this busy and bustling city lies only 45 minutes away from classic old horse farm suburban Jersey.

Earlier today we talked about the concept of having a beach house. There's things I definitely hate about New Jersey, but at the same time, there are definitely things that I never could even dream leaving. I suppose to some extent I've always taken it for granted that the beach will be about 20 minutes away. Those nights that are oh so rough suddenly become easy when I can drive to the beach and just walk along the shore at night, listening to the waves and feeling the cool breeze against my face. Nights like those, well; I wouldn't give those up for the world, whether they are with someone else or completely alone by myself.

And yet I have this nagging thought in the back of my mind that makes me want to get as far away from New Jersey as possible. Maybe the happy medium is that I 'll just have to actually live somewhere where the beach is accessible, but that place isn't Jersey. At the same time I love the city as well, and I love it more every time I go back. So many options, and so many things that still need to be planned in life. I'm looking forward to it. Life's gonna be a ride for sure.

For now though, I'm certainly not ready to go back to school.

Lyric of the day:
"how much longer will it take to cure this"

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  1. I really miss the beach being in Philly was probably the saddest part of being here for the first time for last summer. I'm still curious to try out the west coast and compare...

    I really do love the city. I like going back to NJ maybe cuz it's comfortable and different in a way (and driving is nice, sort of, for a bit), but there is so much (and so many people..) that's just HERE when you're in the city.


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