Sunday, March 27, 2011

leaving and fort mill .

It was cold today -- not terribly cold, but definitely chilly. And yet, the sun still shone brightly and lit up the vibrant blue sky. Newark airport was empty, relative to the times that I've come back to Clemson before. Perhaps it is because Clemson's spring break seemed to be a week later than everyone else's. And yet, there we were anyways at the airport.

Leaving home is a weird feeling. In some cases I refer to Clemson as my home -- after all I spend 9 months out of the year there, more or less, and going to New Jersey is just like a vacation of sorts. In other ways, NJ is where I grew up, where I came from, where my roots were and are.

More than normal, I actually liked being home this time. Maybe it's because I went to NY, or maybe it's just 'cause I had a friend home with me. But I found myself in a dull mood this morning when I woke up early to throw some clothes on and do some last minute packing before I jumped on a plan bound for Charlotte. Granted, I had my fair share of arguments with my parents, because that's what we always seem to do. I visited a lot of things, and perhaps it was because of the fact that I went around and showed all of these neat places and stuff to Josh that I felt like I didn't want to go.

I realized that despite the fact that I sometimes say I hate Jersey and I would never live there, there are certainly things that I absolutely love. And perhaps it's not so much the things in Jersey that I can't stand, but the people... specifically in my town. It's the wealthy people that think that they're better than everyone else. It's the general arrogance. It's the necessity to be better than everyone else for no reason other than the fact that you think you should. That's what I hate.

Because when I look at the NYC skyline from Sandy Hook, or Twin Lights shining brightly, the calm ocean waves crashing on the shore, and yes, even those stupid jughandles, I can't help but smile and say, this is truly my home.

Lyric of the day:
"Two sides twist and then collide"

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