Tuesday, March 29, 2011

back at school, back at school .

It rained this morning. How fitting, how appropriate, that those little droplets would fall from the sky on this grotesque Monday morning that we start classes back up on. It certainly feels weird to be back. Weird to see so many people all over the place again, weird to hear southern accents again, weird to see Sperries and visors again. It ain't my thing, but hey, I was the one who chose to go to school here so that's kinda on me. Regardless, rain and having to walk in it is no fun. Luckily, 'twas but a sprinkle this morning.

I dunno about you, but I'm ready for summer, man. It's not about the heat, or getting tan, or even going to beach. I just like a normal job better than school. Think about it.

Here at school, regardless of whether you're in elementary, middle, high school, or college, you do your time in classes (haha, that made it sound like jail or something...) and then when you come home you seem to have an infinitely more amount of hours to work on homework and projects and studying and all that other garbaggggggggge (to be pronounced, gar-bAHjjjjjjj) that goes hand in hand with the classes you take. Teachers seem to assume for some reason that their class is the only one that you are taking and let's be real, that's absolutely preposterous. In fact, it's quite the opposite. There are so many things to deal with during school that it's almost impossible to get everything done.


And that's a very large but...

then we have the summer job. Or at least the job in general. You do your 8 hours of work, or however many you happen to be working, and then you're done. Granted, there is still those long work days where they seem to drag on forever. There are late nights, and call-ins, and at least at my current job, you work an awful lot of weekends... especially when your bosses realize you are decent at what you do so they don't want anyone else to work the busiest part of the week (that being Saturday and Sunday).

Then mix in the fact that there are no breaks, no summer, and at my current job, no real holidays off. In fact, it's even more common that people will work the holidays at Trump because we end up having holiday parties and such.

Even so, I definitely feel like the benefits to working a normal job (I guess, what I have could be qualified as normal...) outweighs the negatives. Compared to school, you at least have some free time, even though you are technically in class for less time than a job would require. But that's life eh? Trying to find some sort of balance between work and free time will always be tough, always. Bring it, life.

Lyric of the day:
"Turn the page another line I should have saved, But who’s to say that you wouldn’t be blown away"

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