Saturday, September 8, 2012

cathartic outlets .

There are two options; one of two paths that someone can choose if they get upset. The first is to hold it in and just try to deal with it internally. The other is to just open up, speak it, find some sort of outlet. I think we all can more or less agree that the former is just a suicide attempt. Eventually, you'll blow and when you do, it won't be pretty. But there are lots of different ways that people attempt to deal with their internal struggles.

For me, music always plays a huge part. It's amazing that just by putting on a cheerful song, it can completely alter your entire mood. Just as easily, putting on sad music will provoke you to continue to wallow in your sorrows throughout the entire day. Writing helps. Sometimes if I'm upset with someone, writing it all out helps me put it into perspective because I tend to be at a loss for words when I say it in person, and text messages are just never a good idea. It's nice to be able to talk things out. And of course, just going and sitting doing nothing and thinking is nice too.

Every so often, you get so angry you just want to stand up and scream with all your might. We did a letting-go activity in a retreat once, where we all marched into the woods and were blindfolded, standing in a pretty comfortably-spaced circle. We let all of the anger and hate and upset flow and bubble up, and eventually when you couldn't hold it in anymore, you just yelled as loud and as long as you could.

I don't know if any of you have ever done this, but the whole process leaves you exhausted. As soon as you run out of air, you're left drained, and nothing more than to just collapse onto the ground and let tears flow down your face.

It's important that we all find a healthy way to deal with things that bother us. One of the great things about being in a relationship is that you can find that support system within a phone call or text. It's easy to talk to someone when they get it, when they know all about you and the sorts of things you struggle with. On the other side of the fence, sometimes it's awesome to just talk to someone who has no idea who you are. Helping someone out is often about just being a good listener, giving them your full attention and nodding.

What are the sorts of things you use to encourage catharsis and letting go? Many of us do just that on our own personal blogs, but I'm sure there are other ways. I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Honestly, I've recently found that climbing trees helps. It puts my mind to work, trying to find the best way up while trying to keep balanced and safe. It keeps my hands busy from doing something that would be otherwise rather frowned upon. Now that I'm living in a dorm, I offer to brain the other girls hair and to pain their nails. It's what keeps me busy and it helps me to just relax. OH! And cookies. I went downstairs this past Thursday and after buying all the Kitchen materials and ingredients, made homemade chocolate chip cookies by hand. No blender. It was loverly(:


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