Wednesday, September 26, 2012

brotherly connections .

Before my brother started college, we would talk to each other pretty rarely. He had high school to deal with, and I had my classes. I had extracurriculars and so did he, but our schedules just didn't seem to mesh up. Despite all of that we always knew that we had each others' backs, would chat if the other needed it, and were supportive through all the challenges that life might bring. Unfortunately, I don't think that we really talked as much as either of us would have wanted to during that time. But it has started to change.

Recently, since my brother started his college experience a month or so ago, we have been chatting pretty regularly. We keep each other updated on what's going on, the classes we're taking and how we're doing in them, and share our complaints and wallows about living in studio and how no one really understands why we have to be in there all the time working (to put it simply, shit takes a long time to put together).

But I must say even though it means taking some extra time out of the day to make it happen, it's certainly nice to be able to just talk to each other and share somewhat the same experiences. It makes a huge difference being able to relate on a college-type level. Life at college is simply so different than that of high school. You start to find yourself independently making decisions and managing money, time and more, and you start to realize how grown up you've become.

It's nice to know that even when we're both overloaded with work all the time, we always can find time to just sit back and enjoy some company on the phone. Here's to hoping we keep it up!

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