Thursday, September 20, 2012

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So the other day, one of my roommates texted me with the information that his boss was looking to give up a 7 month old Husky puppy for free. The dog was up to date with all its shots and vaccinations, and had already been spayed/neutered (to be honest I forget whether the dog was male or female). I have always wanted a dog, and the guys and I had been planning on getting one when we moved into our house -- only problem is the house that we ended up signing the lease for is not pet-friendly. And so we couldn't get anything.

So my roommate texts me with this radical opportunity, and all I can think is ugh, I wish there was a way we could make this work. I called my Mom, and put the idea by her... I would love to have a dog with me for grad school. By the way, if you don't know what a 7 month old Husky looks like... they're actually pretty big. Like, 40 pounds big.

I've always liked Huskies. Maybe it's the resemblance to wolves; I don't know. I think they're beautiful though. Despite the amount of fur a Husky would deposit everywhere in the house, and all the exercise it would need, and the amount of training that they would need (they get bored easily), I would still love to have one. They love cold weather as I do, and love tromping around in the snow.

Puppies are a lot of work. I puppysat for somebody my Freshman year for 9 days, and I had to make sure I took her out to check if she had to go to the bathroom almost every half hour. But it was also great to have a furry companion with me, someone to keep me company, as I was the only one who stayed for Spring Break in my apartment that year. It would be tough with school, though, to train a dog. To housebreak them, to keep them occupied and more. I guess I'd be leaning toward an older dog that is already housetrained. Of course there will need to be adjustments, but they would be much less major.

We'll see what my parents say; maybe we'll get lucky! Fingers crossed. Any of you out there have pets? What do you have and why did you get it? Would love to hear the stories.

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