Saturday, September 8, 2012

the greek life decision .

My housemate and I were talking about Greek life last night, as Rush Blowout was last night in addition to the First Friday parade and all the sorority floats etc. There are some people that we are friends with involved in greek life, though I don't know as many as my housemate. We do know some incoming freshmen in Central Spirit that just recently were officially inducted into the whole greek life scene.

Jordan made a really interesting point: within a week of moving in and being on campus and being thrust into the completely different life of college, these freshmen must decide if they want to go greek. This will undeniably completely alter the rest of their college experience. Their four years will be a completely different four years than if they don't rush.

This never really occurred to me. I suppose you have those times when people don't rush until sophomore or junior year, and those who decide it's not for them and drop out. But for the majority, I think that that statement holds true.

It makes me think, what would my life be like had I not done the things I've done in college so far? What if I hadn't gone down to Tampa Bay to watch my team the weekend before finals? What if I hadn't joined Central Spirit? What if I wasn't an architecture major and didn't have to practically live in studio? Every decision alters the course that you were currently on.

And with that being said, I think about the way those people might have been had they not chosen greek life. The few that I know are more or less good upstanding people. But I think we all sort of know the general consensus when it comes to greek stereotypes.

What sorts of decisions were huge in altering your life course? What did you decide and why?

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