Sunday, September 30, 2012

life for our kids .

On the LeLove blog today, there was a great post about the way life has changed over the past few generations. It brought up some really strikingly true observations, like how in marriage it really did used to mean 'til death do us part' and not 'as long as we may love each other.' Why is it now that relationships come and go like the wind, and that engagement is something that you need extra fingers and toes to count? And what about divorce rates? Aren't they through the roof too?

If this is the sort of society we're creating for tomorrow's children, I don't know if I want to have kids. Is it possible that we are on a downhill course that can't be stopped? Monogamy has all but seemed to disappear. The number of sexual partners per person per lifetime has increased. The age at which people lose virginity is in the mid teens. That scares the shit out of me for future kids.

And yet this is the world we live in. Accept it, or live your life being miserable.

And isn't it true that we always want a way out? People don't like fully committing. We are a generation scared of commitment. Call it an exclusive relationship, and then people are at fault for cheating. Call it a marriage, and they will only agree if there's a prenup and the opportunity for divorce or annulment. You'll only sign up for a club or event or something knowing that there's some sort of way that you can back out. It even happens at the college level -- where you get several weeks to take classes and then withdraw the hours and drop the class without penalty.

Why are we so afraid of commitment!?

Does anyone else look at this is just say, "Wow, this world is completely fucked up." Did we have a part in that? Did we encourage people along to have sex like rabbits and then look for ways out after? (morning after pill, abortion etc..) Even in the job market, it is now predicted that those who go to school will change their majors multiple times. If they do finally complete their degree they'll change their careers a minimum of three times.

Maybe I was born in the wrong time period. I want something where people are not afraid of this commitment. And maybe all that comes down to is just me being that way and maybe even setting an example. But what if we all set an example? In a time where many have lost hope in the government, lost hope in the church, and lost in hope in society, the only place left to look is within you.

YOU make the difference. If you have kids, teach the way you think things should be. We may be headed on a downward spiral in a ball of fire -- but we're about to reach for the ripcord on the parachute.

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