Friday, September 28, 2012

NYC is home .

I sat down last night to watch some TV shows on Netflix, and after finishing the first season of Workaholics, happened to stumble upon Heroes. I was really psyched for the initial season opener, and watched a few sporadic episodes over the course of that first season. However, I never really got the chance to seriously get into it. I really like being able to watch stuff while I work, and this is awesome! Now while Netflix and the opportunities there are awesome, this post was supposeddd to be about NYC. And I'm getting to that.

Stock footage of NYC is often used in many TV shows. Suits, Heroes, CSI, the list goes on and on! Every time I see the beautiful aerial videos of the skyline, the bridges, the towers... Chills. I've said it before, but seriously, there is no city on Earth like it. Search as long and as hard as you want to and you won't find it. It contains magic. There may be sickness, homelessness, pain, hurt, and more. But to me? It still serves as a symbol of home.

It will always be that way. When I fly into Newark and see the Statue of Liberty, my heart warms. Walking through Central Park or around the reservoir on a crisp autumn day is pure perfection, and in the middle of the city. The bustle and hustle, the sirens, the people, the complete flood of population on the sidewalks come 5pm, it's all a part of it. The commute, the taxis, the horns of impatient drivers, all are contrasted with the cute couple walking down the street hand in hand. The picnic the elderly couple is having in the park. The love in dreamy eyes of a first date; there are so many things to be amazed by. I feel blessed to be able to have it, in a sense, right down the road. There are many pairs of eyes that have yet to see the city.

I can't wait to walk those streets again come winter. Rockefeller Center, the tree, the potential for snow, it'll all hit the spot. I'll be there soon, my dear city.

pardon the blurry. it's hard to get good night shots


  1. I too love New York. Need a dose of her. Your photos have somewhat satified my craving. Cheers, Greg. Let's meet there soon...


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