Thursday, September 27, 2012

spin class .

Recently I've been taking advantage of some of the free classes that are offered at the gym on campus and I have found a love in spin class. When it comes to spinning, it first sort of piqued my interest because it was related to cycling. It's a great and easy opportunity to do when you don't have the energy to get out there on a ride or if it's raining. And the best part is that you blow an incredibly amount of calories!

I've been trying to go two times a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and it's been really awesome. Every single time, you leave absolutely drained and literally dripping in sweat. So if you've tried exercising and can never find something that you like, I'd highly recommend spin! Even if you don't like cycling you may still enjoy spin. You can go as hard or as easy as you want to, you can challenge yourself, and the music is always really good to work out with. Happy exercising!

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  1. As you know....spinning is in my blood. Can never get enough. I did a 3 hour spin in August. Changed my life a little. Keep enjoying, Greg.


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