Sunday, September 2, 2012

living at a lake .

One of the great benefits of having a house on the lake is well, you have the lake right there. The other day I came home just hating that I had had such a long a tiring day of class and when I rolled in the driveway there was an extra car there and I could see some people hanging out down by the dock (Josh had decided to have some people over. After walking down the to water and briefly saying hello, I ran back inside and threw on my swimsuit, walked back down to the dock, then ran and dove into the water.

Keep in mind it's about 95 degrees with some dripping humidity, and this seriously was the most refreshing feeling I have ever felt. Normally, swimming in a lake kinda skeeves me out. It always feels dirty, and you smell gross afterward, etc. etc. But this lake is completely different, which is something I didn't expect. The water feels refreshing, clean, it was even warm from the sun's hot rays beating down on it.

The lake is definitely a great place to hang out, have people over, and just enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're hanging in a hammock, sitting on the dock, out in a kayak, swimming the water, or sitting around a bonfire, good times are always to be had and great company will surround you. After all, these are the things that life is all about right?

At some point, I will get some pictures up of where I live. But alas for now my camera is broken (dropped it at the beach and sand got inside it... oops) so until that's fixed you'll just have to use your imagination!

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  1. you found a lake that doesn't smell lake-y? you're a lucky, lucky man.


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