Sunday, September 2, 2012

architorture already !?

So when we arrived last week at the first day of studio for architecture we have a surprised waiting for us. We were assigned a project on Day 1. Literally, on the day when every class is supposed to just be going ahead and having a free-day and a free pass to enjoy college a bit, the day when all you have to do is listen to your teacher blab about the syllabus, well, we were handed a project. Of course, we did go over the syllabus too, but that just added to the pain.

This is the beginning of my final year in architecture. We got handed that first charette project and it was due a week later. The first weekend back at Clemson, I was sitting there slaving away on a project for architecture.

To be perfectly honest, this scares me a bit. There are lots of things to do this semester, between my job and getting stuff ready for grad school that I was really hoping I wouldn't be too overwhelmed. The seniors last year insisted it wasn't that bad. However, I'm nervous because my studio professor was sure to promptly tell us that we would have something due for every single session. Yes, you read correctly. Every. Single. One.

Now before I go and jump off a bridge, I must say that I got the studio teacher that I wanted and that we are participating in the eVolo skyscraper competition; that's the only project we're doing for the semester. It's a really different style of project, because it involves sustainability practices, structural integrities and the challenges of building something a mile high; these are all things that you wouldn't normally encounter in the typical southern architectural atmosphere.

That being said, I'm ready to work -- though I hope that I don't have to short myself so much sleep over the semester that I become a walking zombie. Fingers crossed!

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