Wednesday, September 26, 2012

why autumn is the best .

The way it seems to work in South Carolina is that it randomly just starts being Fall. A week and a half ago, we had a big storm and it poured and after that the temperature has just sort of settled. It's 50's and 60's in the morning, and heats up to around 85. Oddly enough, the humidity makes all the difference. When it's 85 and humid, it feels awful. But it's quite temperate when the humidity hides its face.

My brother texted me the other morning with the news that it was 37 degrees in the morning when he was walking to his 8am in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech. Yet later in the day, it warms up almost 30 degrees! The huge swing in temperatures throughout the day is nuts.

One of the coolest things about cooler weather is when it gets to the point where you can see your breath. The cold air burns on its way down your throat, and sends a shiver through your body. You scramble to turn the heat on in your car, but just feel the ice cold steering wheel, and all that's blowing out of the vents is more frigid air; the car hasn't warmed up yet.

We're not at that point yet, but I must say I won't mind when it gets that cold!! Being in Barcelona last year and only in NJ for a few weeks meant that I didn't really have a winter. It may not snow in South Carolina, but it does get cold!

The other thing that's awesome is that I finally get to wear pants and hoodies and not sweat my ass off! It'll be a bit yet before I can wear hoodies regularly without being hot in them during the middle of the day, but for sure South Carolina's weather gods have decided that fall is en route, and the ETA is not very long.

I'm excited!

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