Wednesday, September 5, 2012

things i will never understand .

I haven't written something in a humourous light in quite some time. And therefore, today, you all have a treat (especially given that I am 6 bloody days behind where I'm supposed to be). And so, another list of entertaining nonsense. These are all things that I will never understand.

1. People at the gym who wipe their face with the towel, then wipe the mats before they use it. Doesn't this just make the mat dirty?
2. Why rain boots have such big holes. It creates puddles in your boots.
3. People who hate smokers, but love bonfires.
4. People who complain about the dining hall, and then get meal plans.
5. People who complain about gas, and drive a truck.
6. People who say, "Last night's party was sick; I passed out and don't remember a thing!" Not sure how you know it was awesome then.
7. All of the random people who try to climb Everest. Always wanted to myself, but honestly I know my limits (physically, and financially).
8. Why black people are called "black" when in reality they are brown.
9. Why we associate everyone with colours (Caucasian = white, African American = black, Native American = red, Asian = Yellow). If a Native American has a baby with an Asian, are they orange?
10. How you can "cut a light off." Usually I just use the switch...
11. How someone can hate tomatoes, but love pizza.
12. How a drunk person can be refused service at the bar, but a fat person can continue to be served at a fast food restaurant.
13. How certain arrangements of notes sound unbelievably better than others, making songs and symphonies that dwarf anything I could write.
14. How a 300 ton airplane can soar over continents, but 180 pound me can't get off the ground.
15. Why green chalkboards are called blackboards.
16. Why a mudslide isn't something found on a playground.
17. How the waves never stop no matter what.
18. How some people can truly believe that there is no life anywhere outside of our world.
19. Why something so small as a bug can be so terrifying sometimes.
20. Why I can find time to mess around on Twitter for an hour, but can't take 10 minutes to blog.

And on that note, I hope you all enjoy your evenings! (Or perhaps mornings, if that's when you're reading this).


  1. #18...brilliant. I wish it wasn't true, but it is, friend. Enjoyed your list as always...

    1. Glad you liked it Angie! I miss our email chats. I'll have to write one to catch up sometime!

  2. I've started eating tomatoes on subs! I am so proud of myself.


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