Sunday, September 16, 2012

women like double-standards, those sly dogs .

There are a lot of women out there who claim that they want things to be equal, and that women are always under-appreciated, under-employed, and discriminated against. They argue that things are never fair and never have been between the sexes. Never fair eh? Well, here's my take on it. First, we are just different. You can't compare apples and oranges, and you can't really compare men and women because we are different -- in physical appearance, in emotion, in natural ability and skill; there's a reason that women don't compete against men in the Olympics. It just doesn't work like that, you know? That wouldn't be fair. If women want complete equality, then we should have complete equality in everything, right? Men will do the laundry and women can mow the grass. Women can kill the bugs in the house, and men can cook dinners.

The reason I say this is because I read a blog where this one girl goes out all the time, to these high class clubs and ritzy places, and literally sometimes describes it as batting her eyes and flirting a bit to get guys to get her drinks. Not only that, many of these places say, oh yeah girls get in free, guys pay $20 to get in. You want real equality? Stop using your boobs to get ahead in life. Start paying for your own drinks, since you're such an empowered woman in the work world. There are double standards in lots of places in the world. But like I said earlier -- to argue for perfect equality between men and women is just ridiculous because I literally don't think it's possible.

So perhaps my title is a bit misleading. And in fact, both men and women like double standards. It allows us to get away with shit that we most likely wouldn't be able to. Because "perfectly equal" isn't attainable. And that's okay; because nothing is perfect in this world anyway.

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