Sunday, September 16, 2012

football & flags .

Ladies and gentlemen, in South Carolina during the fall there is only one thing that truly matters to the population on Saturdays, and that thing is football. Being that I am part of Central Spirit, which is one of the biggest organizations on campus, I signed up to run flags for this game against Furman. What is running flags? Well, at the beginning of the game, when our team runs down the hill into the stadium, we run across the field with these giant flags that spell out Clemson. Need a visual? I got you.

I mean honestly, how cool is this:

And so I was once again a part of this great tradition. It felt great to be back after missing football season last year to be in Barcelona for the semester (though, admittedly, Barcelona was way better than anything Clemson could have offered). The feeling of running across the field with a giant flag after the football team with 80,000 fans screaming is truly indescribable. Next time I run flags, I'm planning on wearing my helmet camera; should be a sick video!

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